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Mowing stripes in a well-maintained Geneva lawn.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance In Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, OH, & Nearby Areas

In addition to lawn mowing, our knowledgeable team will take care of your landscape trimming and pruning, install mulch or rock ground covering, and more.

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Receive regular lawn care & landscape maintenance for commercial & residential properties in & around Ashtabula, Conneaut, & Geneva, OH.

Seasonal maintenance services are offered by the knowledgeable, well-equipped team members of our full-service company.

The backyard of this Ashtabula homeowner was just visited by team members from Canter's Classic Lawn Care for maintenance services.

Your time is valuable, so why not hand over your lawn mowing and maintenance needs to our team? We offer an affordable seasonal service option that delivers regular maintenance when your lawn needs it most. At Canter's Classic Lawn Care, we are an experienced, full-service landscaping company with the equipment and know-how to get it right the first time. We serve Ashtabula, Conneaut, and other nearby communities like Geneva in Ohio.

What Our Scheduled Maintenance Service Includes & Its Benefits

A neatly cut lawn is pleasing to the eye, but the benefits of regularly scheduled lawn maintenance reach beyond looks. We keep things consistent with our scheduled service, which includes weekly or bi-weekly mowings. Our visits include mowing, blowing, string-trimming, and edging running from April through October.

Our weekly/bi-weekly sessions benefit the health of your lawn in several ways, including:

  • More absorption of air, water, and sunlight
  • Reduction of invasive insect populations
  • Clearing of debris to prevent damage
  • Equal distribution of nutrients

Regular Trimming & Pruning Prevents Overgrowth, Promotes Health, & Fights Plant Disease

Our lawn maintenance team has trimmed the hedges of this Conneaut homeowner to give them a rounded look.

Our crew mostly provides trimming services to preserve the proper shape and size of trees, bushes, shrubs, and other plants, but we do offer selective pruning when needed.

The differences between trimming and pruning are often misunderstood. Here is a brief rundown of each service:

  • Trimming - Using shears or mechanical equipment, our team will cut and trim your hedges, bushes, and shrubs to provide a neatly organized appearance. Trimming opens space to allow light, air, and water to reach all parts of the plant. The process also prevents overgrowth by dominant branches.
  • Pruning - Pruning differs from trimming in that it is done for the long-term health of the plant. The process includes removal of dead branches as well as plant disease prevention. Pruning is also important in the early stages of growth to help define a plant’s shape when it reaches maturity.

For the area that includes Ashtabula, Conneaut, and Geneva, OH, we suggest trimming be done 3 to 4 times per year.

Landscape Bed Maintenance Keeps Beds Clear of Weeds & Allows Room for Proper Growth

Proper maintenance of landscaping beds is critical to the look and health of your ornamental plants, bushes, and shrubs. The space your plants need to thrive can be invaded by nutrient-hogging weeds, which can lead to a decline in health and appearance.

Our team will hand weed your beds as needed, and apply glyphosate to fend off unwanted growths.

Benefits of Mulch or Rock Ground Coverings & The Different Types That We Install

Landscape bed our team installed in Geneva that features both mulch and rock.

Mulching and rock installations are a nice finishing touch to the look of your property, filling in the gaps in beds and other areas. There are multiple benefits to the use of mulch and rock, including erosion prevention, soil insulation, and increased moisture absorption.

Mulch should be refreshed once a year, while rock should be done every other year. We typically install the following types of mulch or rock ground covers:

Popular Mulch Choices

  • Double-Shredded Hardwoods - Can be dyed black, brown or red.
  • Rubber Mulch - Can be used on playgrounds.

Common Decorative Stone

  • Landscape Stone #3/4/57
  • Canadian Blue Stone
  • Red Landscape Stone

We Provide Leaf Removal Services to Fight Insects, Prevent Mold & Fungus, & Keep Grass Growing

As with many lawn care services, looks are only part of the equation. Piles of leaves are unsightly, but when left sitting too long they can become a breeding ground for various pests and put stress on your grass.

Clearing your property of excess leaves also prevents the growth of mold and fungus and allows your grass the space it needs to absorb water, light, and nutrients. Our pros get the job done quickly with heavy-duty gear and good old fashioned hard work. We will save you from blisters and backaches with our quick, professional leaf removal service.

We typically remove leaves 2 to 3 times during October and November. Our team will blow leaves to the curbside then suck them into our vacuum truck. If needed, we can also provide curbside pickup of leaf bags.

Spring & Fall Yard Cleanup Services We Provide

Out team members typically will blow leaves into a pile, when working in Ashtabula then our vacuum truck picks them up..

It’s important to give your property a boost to prepare for the growing season. Clearing of debris, refreshing of ground coverings, and trimming give your plants a fresh start and promote healthy growth as the seasons change.

Our yard clean-up services can be scheduled for the spring and fall, and include:

  • Mowing/string-trimming/edging/blowing
  • Landscape trimming
  • Landscape bed weeding
  • Landscape bed reshaping
  • Mulch/rock installation
  • Annual flower planting
  • Yard and general debris removal
  • Gutter cleaning: can do 2-story as well

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At Canter's Classic Lawn Care, we’ve built a strong client base by providing consistent, quality service. Our professionals provide lawn mowing & maintenance to customers in and around Ashtabula, Conneaut, and Geneva, OH. Call (440) 224-3340 today for a quote and to get started!

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