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Outdoor lighting installation is a very popular service for us throughout our service areas.

Outdoor Lighting In Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, OH, & Nearby Areas

Illuminate the exterior of your home and the focal points of your landscaping with professionally installed outdoor lighting that features LEDs.

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Homeowners in or near Ashtabula, Conneaut, or Geneva, OH, can have us install professional outdoor lighting diplays.

Add safety, security, and illumination over your home and its landscape ornamental plants with the newest technology we can install.

The outdoor lighting we installed for this homeowner in Ashtabula features downlighting, among other lighting techniques.

When the sun sets, your home and landscaping don’t have to become draped in shadows. We install professional outdoor lighting systems with the newest technology to cast a magical glow over your property, including ornamental plants, trees, and even your home!

At Canter's Classic Lawn Care, we’ve illuminated multiple homes in the region to add security, safety, and a gorgeous look in Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, and the nearby communities in Ohio.

Outdoor Lighting Provides Aesthetic Appeal Along With Added Safety & Security

Choosing to illuminate your home and landscaping areas is a wise investment for three primary reasons: aesthetic appeal, safety, and security.

  • Aesthetics - Cast warm light on the best features of your home’s architecture, plant focal points, and large trees.
  • Safety - Carefully placed lights provide a sleek look, but also offer people safer passage around your property by reducing trip and fall risks.
  • Security - Many criminals are opportunists. Lighting up your property will make your home a less likely target for burglaries, home invasions, and vandalism.

Downlighting, Spotlighting, & Other Lighting Techniques Used to Highlight Your Home's Focal Points

Our latest client in Geneva wanted us to incorporate uplighting and spotlighting into their outdoor lighting installation project.

Professional outdoor lighting isn’t as simple as pointing powerful lights at plants--there are actual techniques involved! Multiple lighting techniques are used to highlight both the architectural focal points of your home and its landscaping features.

Here are just a few examples of our lighting techniques:

  • Downlighting - Precisely aimed light is pointed downward for steps, walkways, and driveways.
  • Uplighting - Powerful lighting is pointed upward to illuminate tree trunks, branches, and home architecture.
  • Spotlighting - Singles out specific focal features.
  • Crosslighting - Overlapping beams of light create interesting visual designs on walls or other flat surfaces.

Ways that LED Lights Are Superior to Halogen Lights

LED lighting provides an energy efficient way to generate crisp, powerful light displays. Despite being brighter, LED lights are also superior in that they actually consume less energy and generate far less heat than traditional halogen fixtures. Older halogen systems are so hot, they have been known to melt equipment and cause fires. An LED light is also more natural looking and provides bright light without the dull, yellow look of halogen.

We are happy to provide LED conversion for current systems and can provide maintenance and repair where needed. Our service provides peace of mind because we are glad to return to address any issues that may arise.

Electronics Weekly reports that LED lights can run for 10 hours a day for 13 years before needing replacement.

Consult with us on outdoor lighting installations for your home.

At Canter's Classic Lawn Care, we have countless successful outdoor lighting installations under our belts. With your new install, you will be able to leave your home with added peace of mind, then return with a smile as you take in your gorgeous display. Call (440) 224-3340 today to get a consultation in Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, and surrounding areas in Ohio.

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